MeHello! I’m Lucy. A very ordinary child from the 80s. Born in southern England to an ordinary, happy family. My childhood was full of love, laughter, siblings and ordinariness. Except it wasn’t. Every day, several times a day, I would disappear. The world fell away and I would fall into nothing. My body would remain with my family but I’d be gone. I slipped away and no one noticed. Not at first, not for a long time. I’d come back to angry faces, strange stares and sheer terror. Eventually, at fifteen I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. After that life became Extraordinary and my mind hasn’t stopped murmuring since!

After almost a year unable to walk with Chronic Pain due to PTSD, all ultimately caused by Epilepsy. This blog was started as a place to empower myself and others living with these labels. Now as I take my first steps into motherhood, I continue to use this blog as a place of healing and hope that it speaks to other parents who might be struggling too.

I am passionate about this planet, health and creative education. I watch surfing instead of football, and (when I can!) I make toys instead of buying them!  I believe my health challenges have made me stronger and I hope this blog will be a positive space in which I can share my experiences with the world, perhaps healing myself and others in the process. Thanks for checking out my blog I hope you find something interesting.


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Disclaimer: As this is the great WORLD-WIDE-WEB and who knows who might end up seeing something I’ve written. I want to take a moment to clarify that I am not a Doctor and neither do I have any qualifications of any sort related to health. Anything I write is simply from my own experience and I do not take any responsibility for what readers do with the information they read here. I will make mistakes and I am not claiming to be expert on any of these topics. I am just writing my thoughts and experiences down and sharing little bits of research I’ve done. Ultimately this is intended as a positive space and I hope you will find it so. Remember everyone is different, what works for me may not for you.


Credit: ‘Circe offers the cup to Ulysses’ by Waterhouse


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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I was just passed on your blog address by Sophie burns in Bristol – she mentioned your story with your slipped discs and how blogging has helped you too, and I wanted to get in touch. I also have two slipped discs – I’m 26 – and it’s such a journey, and can feel like an incredibly lonely one, so I feel grateful to have been passed on your blog look forward to reading more about your story and your healing process. Thanks! x

  2. Hi Lucy!
    Your blog is so interesting, really inspiring. What’s the latest news regarding the blister-pack recycling? Because I really don’t know what to do with them, do you know any way to recycle them?

    Best regards, Hanna

    • Hi Hanna
      Since I wrote about it I havent made too much progress but now that you have reminded me I think I’m going to try and get something going on that in the next week or so! 🙂

  3. Hi Lucy,

    Really liked this piece. We are making a film about Dr. Sarno, and the relationship betwen stress and illness and I find stories like this to be very important.


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