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  1. This is an AWESOME blog! I have been dealing with TMS (chronic neck, jaw, shoulder and upper back muscle spasm and pain, IBS and GERD, and anxiety attacks) for the last year and a half (and if I really look back, probably my whole life). It’s getting better as I learn to “undo” my pain, rather than trying to “fix” it. I’ve gotten a LOT out of reading (and re-reading) all of Dr. Sarno’s books. Currently I am reading “Unlearn Your Pain” by Dr. Howard Schubiner and “Think Away Your Pain”, by Dr. David Schechter. Great books! I have casually perused the TMS Wiki (LOTS to see there) and also I just started journaling, which is helping already. I am at the point now where the symptoms are “jumping around” a lot and coming on STRONGER as I fight them. Scary, but hopeful! Thanks for being such a beacon of hope, the world of chronic pain is confusing and frightening and frustrating and enraging (all triggers of TMS!)…anyway, I just wanted to reach out here and say thank you, I found you on Instagram, as you probably remember. My next move is to check out Georgie Oldfield & Liz Koch, never heard of them till now. Do they have blogs? I can’t wait to read more of YOUR blog! Yay!

    All the best!


    PS- I tried to sign up for your newsletter to go to my email, via the *follow tab but it gave me an error in both my browsers. Could you sign me up?


    Thanks again!


    • Hi Donavan!
      So pleased you relate to my blog – I’ve found it so helpful to connect with others on similar paths! Yes those to ladies are awesome Georgie’s blog is here: I contributed to her book ‘key to recovery’ and Liz Koch: – good luck! I’ll try to add you to the list thanks for flagging that a few people seem to have trouble signing up to the emails recently so I will investigate! Thanks for getting in touch! best Lucy

  2. Hi,

    I’ve got back pain. I’m 28 and have two bulging discs and I am sick of it! I took to Googling other people and you came up.

    It’s hard to stay positive but you’re website is really supportive.



    • Hi Alex – so pleased you’re liking the blog. It keeps me positive to hear that! Check out: Dr Sarno, Georgie Oldfield, Liz Koch and TMSwiki their work has changed my life!

      • Thanks, I will do. It is so stressful! Going to a wedding this weekend and worrying that it won’t be able to sit through dinner and I will definitely not be wearing the heels I bought to go with my new dress. X

        • Good Luck. I was bridesmaid at a wedding recently. Key for me was thinking aout it positively, visualising myself pain free and sitting at the meal…it is hard but you can do it! I especially recommend getting in touch with Georgie as she is in the UK.

          • Thank you. I hope you had fun at the wedding. I have gone on her website and contacted her. Thank you so much again for that recommendation.

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